Competition Categories


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Awards, Prize and Competitions Design CompetitionInformation Processing Tools Design CompetitionMethods, Techniques and Strategies Design CompetitionDiligence and Intelligence in Design Competition
Street Furniture Design CompetitionAdvanced Design and Design Research CompetitionHospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design CompetitionHeavy Machinery Design Competition
Limited Edition and Custom Design CompetitionAdvertising, Marketing and Communication Design CompetitionWriting, Literature and Content Design CompetitionMusical Instruments Design Competition
Landscape Planning and Garden Design CompetitionGraphics Design CompetitionUrban Planning and Urban Design CompetitionWebsite and Web Design Competition
Banking and Finance Instruments Design CompetitionPhotography and Photo Manipulation Design CompetitionSports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design CompetitionFurniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Competition
Design Award CompetitionMultidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Design CompetitionPrint and Published Media Design CompetitionInterface Design Competition
Architecture, Building and Urban Design CompetitionDigital and Electronic Devices Design CompetitionComputer Graphics and 3D Model Design CompetitionPackaging Design Competition
Unexpected Design CompetitionBusiness Plan and Corporate Operational Plans Design CompetitionCar and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design CompetitionMedical and Scientific Design Competition
Social Design CompetitionFurniture and Homeware Design CompetitionAgriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries Design CompetitionManufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Competition
Structured Product Design CompetitionEnergy Products and Devices Design CompetitionSpacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design Competition
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